yall aint shit

LOGGING THE FUCK OFF!!! The Lord is my savior and he shall see me through! 😂😭😂😭😂😭💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


God… It’s me again, I’m ready whenever you are

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Bruh! That driver needs to bless The Lord he didn’t stop. OMG.



driver was boutta die if he ended up gettin dragged out that car

you know how strong you gotta be to punch out a back window?

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Don’t Play // Travi$ Scott (featuring Big Sean and The 1975)

"Know I need my dollars
Know a nigga need my commas
She was down when I dropped out of college”

Life has different ways of testing you. Either nothing happens at all, or everything happens all at once.

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The funniest jawn I’ve seen thus far, hands down

They got him on some go dumb shit.

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Miles Davis covered in blood after an altercation with police

"Altercation" sounds so polite, like it was a mutual thing and not one man getting assaulted by the police. Miles got beat up by the police.

The cops assaulted Miles because he was black. He was standing outside Birdland where he just performed and was taking a break. His name was on the marquee. They saw him escort a white female friend from the club into a taxi and then they approached him after as he was taking a smoke break. The cops told him to “move on”. Miles said he was playing at the club and was on break. They weren’t hearing any of that. One cop then punched him in the stomach, while another one cracked him on the head with a nightstick. That’s why he’s covered in blood. He was a victim of police brutality.

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It is not about how much time you’re given before your house is bombed. I was given the entire war duration to pack but still can not figure out which is more important than which.Everything has something in my heart. Everything has memories. The very walls of my house are dear to me. How can I pack the ceiling at which I stare until I fall asleep or the window by which I spend hours thinking of my crush? I seriously can not begin to imaginethe horror of having to leave my home forever and watch all my life and memoriescollapsing right front of my eyes..!!

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Bush Mama (1979)

"I’ve been blaming myself all this time coz things wasn’t right. I thought that I was born to be poor, be pushed around and stepped on…I don’t want Lou Ann thinkin’ like that. I can see now that my problem is a place I was born into. A place with laws that protected people who got money. Doctors and hospitals are for people that got money. It’s evil and wrong. I have to get to know myself, to read and to study. We all have to. So we can change…so we can know how to talk to each other."

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The same white people who wanted an open crucifixion of Michael Vick for dog abuse will give you 1001 reasons as to why an officer killing an unarmed and surrendered black kid deserves to roam free, and in fact are shelling out their entire bank account to make sure it happens.

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